Complete Computer Diagnostics

Check Engine

Computers play an important role when it comes to driving. Onboard computers operate all of our vehicles, but we usually never notice a problem unless the "CHECK ENGINE" light pops on.

The onboard computer systems are very complicated, with many modern day trucks having multiple onboard computers that monitor numerous modules. The electrical systems in your truck is extremely reliable, and as a responsible driver there is nothing you really need to do until a problem actually appears. When there is a problem with the electrical components of your engine or something else, typically the "CHECK ENGINE" light or a "STOP" sign will come on dashboard. When this occurs it is time to have a computer diagnostic run on your vehicle to find out what is causing the problem. In order to locate the problem, special truck computer diagnostic scanner is used to read specific trouble codes.

Many trucks have over 700 trouble codes, and each single code only displays a general nature of what might be causing the problem. The computer diagnostic gets a picture of what your vehicle was doing when the "CHECK ENGINE" light initially went on, such as the temperature and speed at the time the light came on. This allows professionals to diagnose the problem and fix whatever the problem may be.

Computer Diagnostics

Here, at Antana's Shop we run computer diagnostics on trucks of all types and models. Our professionals use the most innovative equipment and scanners to locate the source of the problem and will repair any defects in your truck's computer system or engine. Antana's Shop will take the time to run a full scan computer diagnostic on your truck and provide you with appropriate answers to what is causing your indicator light to come on. When it comes to experience and a caring attitude, Antana's Shop gets the job done right every time.

You can't fix everything with a pair of plyers and a screw driver. We invest money in our equipment and especially on our computer diagnostics. Avoid unnecessary repair and parts costs! We have the latest in computerized diagnostic equipment, a computerized information system and experienced Certified Technicians who are trained to properly care for your truck. Our computer diagnostics can save you money by correctly diagnosing your truck's problems right from the start.

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