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At Antana's Shop we use only the best oil additives and fuel treatment in the world - XADO.

What is XADO and How it Works?

Xado - Advanced Engine Treatment, Engine Oil additives and fuel treatment

Xado manufactures a wide range of engine treatment for all types of engines and machinery. There are specialist oils, greases, individual Engine oil additives and fuel treatment.

Xado - Restores, repairs, reconditions

XADO is an advanced world wide patented technology, which restores, repairs and reconditions worn mechanical moving parts, any engine, machinery and equipment, without the need for expensive dismantling. In engines this will reduce fuel consumption, increase compression and reduce exhaust emissions.

XADO Scheme

Xado - A form of NANO Technology

XADO treatment is a form of ‘NANO Technology’, which takes place at the atomic level, which uses the mechanical friction generated by engines or machinery and the microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant, whether it be oil or greases, and atomically re bonds these particles back into to the main metallic structure, thereby rebuilding and returning the surface structure to its original state.

A strong CERMET surface - extremely hard and very smooth

XADO treatment creates a ceramic and metal surface, CERMET (ceramic / metal) that is harder and smoother than the original metal structure. CERMET also has a Rockwell rating of 320 (metal = 90; diamond = 420). It is not a separate layer but an integral part of the metal structure.

Under operating conditions the CERMET surface produces far less heat and friction and which allows mechanical machinery, equipment and engines to run more efficiently, thereby:

  • increasing mechanical efficiency and engine compression
  • reducing friction, fuel consumption, noise, vibration and more importantly exhaust emissions
  • Extending the operating life of all mechanical machinery or engine

XADO technology is therefore a revolutionary form of nano technology and an alternative to all mechanical repairs, which restores, repairs and recondition engines, machinery and equipment across a wide range of industrial applications from the Automobile industry to the Railways, Weapons to Aircraft, Agricultural machinery to Household appliances, boats and Lawn mowers. The list is endless.

XADO Brochure XADO Brochure XADO Brochure

An unique advanced engine treatment for the 21st Century. No engine oil additive compares.

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